Staffing 2021

Principal - Mrs Ann Jackson

Assistant Principal  - Mrs Susan Porteus and Mrs Bernadette Mitchell

Religious Education Coordinator - Mrs Bernadette Mitchell

Primary Coordinator  – Mr Joseph Hamilton

Gifted Education Mentor - Mrs Sarah Pickering 

Learning Support Teacher - Mrs Jenny McCallum and Miss Hannah Lowe

Teacher Librarian - Mrs Janet Carmichael

Science Teacher - Mrs Amie Fleming

Pedagogical Mentor - Mrs Amie Fleming and Joseph Hamilton

School Counsellor - Mr Kaine Griffith

Pastoral Care Worker - Mrs Clare Howlett

Kindergarten Green - Miss Bridie Stanger and Mrs Heidi Routley

Kindergarten Yellow - Mrs Caroline Whittaker and Mrs Maria Vanderpoel

1 Green - Mrs Kerrie Wallace and Mrs Carolyn Taylor

2 Green - Mrs Frances Courtney

2 Yellow- Mrs Giulia Drinkwater

3 Green - Mrs Susan Porteus and Mrs Ashleigh Dan

3/4 - Mr Joseph Hamilton and Mrs Hannah Lowe

4 Green - Ms Jane Dougherty and Mrs Hannah Lowe

5 Green - Mrs Bernadette Mitchell

6 Green - Mrs Sarah Pickering

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Christina Price

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Helen Moretti

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Deb Docherty

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Kristy Hutchison

Library Assistant - Mrs Tracey Newcombe

Senior School Officer - Mrs Phillipa Dobinson

Groundsman - Mr Eddie Lowe