Getting To School


Children are directed from the dismissal gates of an afternoon with two teachers. For safety reasons, children are to wait at the dismissal gate with the teachers on duty until their parents arrive to collect them.

To ensure all of our students remain safe while waiting for their parents of an afternoon, children are not to climb trees or run alongside the road/footpath during this time.

When parking your car, ensure your car is parked in the legal designated car spaces on the side of the road. Please be mindful of our neighbours and do not to park across driveways.

Students are to cross the road safely at the designated crossing with the teacher on duty.


The Department of Motor Transport recommends that children under 9 years of age do not have the capabilities to ride safely in traffic and should avoid taking a bicycle on the road without direct supervision. If your child does ride to school, please ensure he/she wears a helmet and fully understands road rules. During the school day bikes are parked in a designated area, next to the cola.


There are buses that service the local area of Merewether, Merewether Heights, Cooks Hill and The Junction. Please check with the local Newcastle buses to confirm routes.

Children are responsible for their behaviour whilst travelling on the bus. They must be seated properly and behave in a sensible and responsible manner, not causing concern for the driver or other passengers. Children from Holy Family are to behave in a manner, which does not discredit the school.

To obtain an Opal card, you must apply online via

Please see the administration office for further information. An Opal card must be shown on boarding the bus. If an Opal card is lost, children are to request a replacement online on the above link. To retain an Opal card, children must abide by the State Transit’s Code of Behaviour. Unacceptable behaviour can result in the confiscation of a card.