The Holy Family Merewether Beach Community strives to develop an atmosphere of acceptance, forgiveness and reconciliation

Welcome from the P&F President

Holy Family Merewether Beach Catholic Primary School

Parents & Friends Association

Welcome to the Holy Family Community!  The start of school life is a momentous milestone in the life of our children - a new school, new friends, new possibilities and new fears.  However, in coming to Holy Family we hope both your child and yourselves quickly appreciate that Holy Family is a small school with a very caring community.  Very quickly the new children are known to the older children at the school.  It’s a special sense of community which differentiates Holy Family and builds friendships for life.

The Parent and Friends Association is a strong part of this sense of community in the school.  It provides a valuable link between the Teachers, the Parish, the School and the Parents. 

This year the P&F have been involved in:

  • The new landscaping projects around the school - with more projects in the pipeline!

  • Supplying new desks and chairs in our classrooms

  • Installation of Storage areas for our teaching staff to utilise their resourcesR

  • Revitalising the school identity with new signage for events and enrolments

  • Introduction of P & F awards to provide recognition of children’s achievements.

There are also a number of ongoing activities that link back into the P&F including the schools environmental programme, canteen and uniform activities, as well as a strong care group within the school.  On the social side, we have a number of events organised by our fundraising committee each term with the aim of raising money for good causes, including the school, local parish initiatives and international aid.  These events are also always a lot of fun and a good chance for everyone to catch up with each other, sometimes with the kids, sometimes without.

The P&F Meetings are usually held every second Wednesday of each month during school terms, running from 7.00pm to 8.30pm (and depending on the topics sometimes just a little longer!).  Keep an eye on the fortnightly school newsletter, “Between the Flags” for upcoming dates and meeting topics.

Becoming involved with the P&F is a great way to keep informed, to contribute your thoughts to the quality education of our children and to make new friends. Not only will you be supporting the school community but you will be supported by the school community. You can learn new skills, and gain a clear understanding of how the school operates. This is a great opportunity to share in the school’s decision?making process and shape the future.

Your contribution can be as large or small as you can manage, but your ongoing support of the P&F is invaluable.

So I encourage you to come along, listen, comment and debate and most of all be involved.


Mark Sullivan
President – P&F