The Holy Family Merewether Beach Community strives to develop an atmosphere of acceptance, forgiveness and reconciliation

Parental Involvement

The Teaching Team of Holy Family Campus view parents as partners in the education of their children.

Some ways parents can be involved are:


Effective communication allows for a heightened awareness and involvement in school issues. The school employs various methods of communication including both formal and informal contact with class teachers, Parents’ and Friends’ Association meetings, access to a school website and fortnightly newsletters.

The school has an ‘open door’ policy whereby parents are most welcome to come along and talk with the Principal or any of the teachers about matters of which they are concerned or unsure. The only request we make is that you make an appointment because ALL staff have full-time commitments both within and outside the school community.


Parent/Teacher Meetings

  • General information meetings
  • Class meetings
  • Educational issues
  • Parents' and Friends' Association meetings
  • Sacramental Programme meetings


  • Attend school masses / liturgies
  • Attend special assemblies
  • Volunteer helper
    • Canteen
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Library assistance
    • Word processing
    • Sporting events
    • Excursions
    • Craft
    • Classroom activities
    • Uniform management
    • Carers volunteers
    • Fundraising
    • Environmental Program
    • Working bees/maintenance

The Principal and Staff Team would like to continue to initiate and develop new ways in which parents may become involved at Holy Family. If you have ideas or initiatives that you would like to see implemented, please feel free to raise these issues at P & F meetings or with the Principal and Staff Team.

Recent Child Protection Legislation by New South Wales Government requires that any parent volunteer must sign the relevant Child Protection Documents which are available from the school office.


As part of the service we provide to families in our school community, the Holy Family Care Group, made up of parents in the school, assists with the orientation of new families into the school, provide support to families in need (sickness, grief, moving house, a new baby etc) as well as provide information that parents with active children need. Their role is a confidential one where the parent representatives meet with the school Principal on a weekly basis. They give as much or as little assistance as the family requires. It is another way that our school is authentically Catholic.

To make use of this valuable service in our school please contact the school.