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15th August 2016
By Phillipa Dobinson

Dear Parents,


Due to the recent change to PLC and fitness mornings, Primary sport and the Infant’s excursion, please note the changes to what uniform the students will wear to school over the next two weeks.


Week 5:

Monday 15th – Normal winter uniform

Tuesday 16th – Sports Uniform

Wednesday 17th – Sports uniform (Primary) / Normal winter uniform (infants)

Thursday 18th – BOOK WEEK OUTFIT

Friday 19th – Normal winter uniform (Primary) Sports uniform (Infants)


Week 6:

Monday 22nd – Normal winter uniform

Tuesday 23rd – Sports Uniform

Wednesday 24th – Sports uniform (Primary) / Normal winter uniform (infants)

Thursday 25th – Sports uniform – MINI OLYMPICS DAY K-5/Year 6 Science & Engineering Day

Friday 26th – Normal winter uniform


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