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OOSH Survey

12th May 2015
By Donna Gresham

This survey is to assess whether Holy Family School has enough interest and support in the school to reopen the OOSH component on the school site in the hall. The OOSH was on site 6 years ago but folded due to not enough children using the service, it then moved and joined Merewether Heights Public School OOSH as together they could financially provide a service to both schools by joining their numbers.

In those 6 years they numbers have grown slightly but not at a significant increase in either type of care.

Please take the time to fill this survey out even if you don’t currently use OOSH but would consider in the future so we can assess whether there is enough children to financially support its own OOSH in this school.

The types of care to be offered would include Before School Care and After School Care. The fees would be as follows:

Before School Care Permanent Rate: $14.00 per session per child

                                   Casual Rate         $15.00 per session per child

After School Care Permanent Rate:    $16.00 per session per child

                                Casual Rate:           $17.00 per session per child

This is BEFORE Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate.
Afternoon Tea would be offered every afternoon.
Inside and Outside activities would be offered every day.

 Please complete the attached survey following the link provided so that we can ascertain whether or not it would be viable. Thank you


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