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Financial Information


School fees are the parents’ contribution towards the recurrent cost of educating their child/ren in a Catholic School. Other contributions are made by the Commonwealth and New South Wales Governments. These contributions are used in the payment of salaries to teachers.

While the Commonwealth and NSW Governments provide the major source of funding, the school fees are needed to:

  1. make up the difference between the cost of salaries and services and government grants (a percentage of collected fees are forwarded to the Catholic Schools Office for this purpose)
  2. cover day-to-day running costs of the school

The balance of the school fees collected is the school’s MAJOR SOURCE of income for its own recurrent operations. This amount covers such costs as insurance, electricity, water rates and usage, phone, minor maintenance and repairs, furniture, cleaners’ wages and products. The list really is never-ending!

To supplement this source of income it is necessary to charge a Resource Fee of $249.00, a Technology Fee of $138.00, a Sports Levy of $156 and a Cleaning Fee of $138.00 per child per year (2017 rates). The Resource Fee covers the cost of visual arts materials, paper supplies, duplicating costs, exercise books and the use of all instructional equipment. As well as purchasing all these requirements, the Resource Fee provides funds for constant upgrading of equipment such as reading books, library books, teacher/general resources and audio/visual equipment.

Billing is done over three terms ie. Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3. We do not send out accounts for Term 4 unless your child has started at the school during the year after the initial billing has been done. It is also possible to pay school fees via BPay or through Direct Debit with the Catholic Development Fund. These payments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly for your convenience. More information can be obtained from the school Administrative Officer.

A School Building Fund Contribution is set by the Diocese. This money is used for maintenance and building. This fee is not tax deductible. All fees are itemised on each family account. The Building Levy is on the statement of the eldest child in a Diocesan School, including High School. If you have a child at a Diocesan High School, that child will be billed for the Building Levy. The Building Levy is $600 per family for 2017.

In 2017, the Diocesan pastoral contribution of $150 per family ($50 x 3 terms) will be notarised on your school fee account.  This contribution is voluntary. This contribution will help support the initiatives of the Pastoral Ministries within the Diocese.

Whilst it remains a fundamental principle that no Catholic child should be denied a Catholic Education because of financial difficulties in the home, it is also true that there MUST be an ELEMENT OF SACRIFICE in the provision of such an education.

The payment of school fees should be seen by ALL as a PRIME COMMITMENT. It is equally true that cases of hardship exist. In such cases, there is always the opportunity to receive some relief. In cases of unusual hardship, parents should feel free to see the Principal so a fee can be negotiated. All discussions and arrangements regarding fees are, of course, confidential.

The Parish has only one source of income and that is from the generous contributions of the parishioners to the Planned Giving Scheme (Sunday envelopes).


His Lordship, Bishop William Wright and the Catholic Schools’ Board approved the following scale of Tuition Fees. For fee billing, discounts are applied consistently across all children in the same family no matter which school they are attending. For example, a family with two children attending Catholic schools will receive a 10% discount on each child’s tuition fee.

In 2017, the attracted family discount for each child off the Diocesan Tuition Fee full rate will be:

  • 1 child family       0% - full rate to be applied
  • 2 child family       10% each child
  • 3 child family       20% each child
  • 4 child family       40% each child
  • 5 child family       50% each child

Per term and per week amounts are based on a three term split – 2017 rates below

  Per Year Per Term Per Week  
1st Child $1206.00 $402.00 $30.15 Tuition Fees Only
2nd Child $1085.40 $361.80 $27.15 Tuition Fees Only
3rd Child $964.80 $321.60 $24.12 Tuition Fees Only